A dark night for the nation’s top economists

The U.S. economy has bounced back from the Great Recession and its biggest crisis since the 1930s, but some economists worry that the nation is in uncharted territory.

The latest economic data released Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the economy added just over 100,000 jobs in August, a drop of 1.5 percent from August of last year.

But some economists are concerned that the drop in the unemployment rate, which stood at 8.9 percent in August before hitting its lowest level since March 2011, may have been caused by a surge in temporary part-time work.

While the jobs figures have buoyed the recovery in the U.N. economy, they also are a mixed bag for many of the most important jobs in the country.

According to the Bureau’s unemployment rate data, almost one-third of the people who lost their jobs in September were considered underemployed, which is a term that includes both full-time workers who are not working full-Time and part-timers.

About 20 percent of people who were considered “marginally attached” were considered unemployed and are not counted in the overall labor force.

A lot of the other key jobs were also down.

The number of full-timing jobs fell to 8,000 from 8,300 in August.

The percentage of people working part-Time fell from 23.9% to 20.5%.

The jobs data, which are based on responses from people who are either unemployed or underemined, are usually used to project job creation and unemployment.

However, there is also some data that suggests that the economic recovery has slowed a bit since September.

The BLS said Friday that its manufacturing jobs report showed a modest increase in August of 1,100, which came from an increase in new orders, factory payrolls and a slight uptick in orders from factories.

However it did not release any new job numbers for manufacturing.

Economists and economists around the country are concerned about the labor market.

The unemployment rate rose to 7.9%, which was the highest it has been since June, and the labor force participation rate fell to 62.4%, which is the lowest since January 2013.

Some economists also are concerned over the jobless rate, saying that a significant portion of the economy is not participating in the labor markets.

Some economists are worried that the decline in the number of jobs may have started to reflect a drop in part- time workers.

The data from the Bureau for Economic Analysis, which provides a snapshot of the labor forces, shows that part- Time and temporary workers were responsible for almost two-thirds of the decrease in jobs in July.

However, other economists said that the data shows that most part- and full- time jobs are still available.

The jobs numbers were based on a survey conducted by the Labor Department on Friday, when they were released.

The survey found that the number and share of part-TIME workers dropped sharply in the month of August, as did the number that were “marginal attached” to the laborforce, who are people who either are not participating or have a job that is part- or full- Time.

The share of underemandered part-Tail workers increased slightly from 7.4% in August to 8.7%.

Some economists worry about the effect of temporary part time workers on the overall unemployment rate.

The labor force is a large group of people, and part time work is not counted as part of the overall population, meaning it may not be counted by the BLS in its jobless statistics.

The U.W.O. has been asking Americans to send us data on the job market for more than a year now.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis will release its monthly report on employment data in early December.

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