Kobo ebook is out and I can’t wait to buy it

DUNE ebook is now available for purchase on Kobo’s e-reader app.

The title of the app is “Book of the Day”.

It is a beautiful title, but sadly, it does not give you the full story.

The Kobo e-book is currently priced at €19.99 (£16.90) but the price has been lowered to €9.99 in the app.

It is the third Kobo eBook to be available on the app, but the first is “The Complete Book of the Dead”.

It can be purchased from the app on a Kobo device, or on a computer or tablet.

It will include a free 10-day trial of the Kobo app, which is now in its second year.

The app has also been updated to reflect the new ebook, which comes with an updated cover and the first two chapters are also now available.

This is not the first time Kobo has released an eBook on the Apple app store.

It released the “Dune” ebook in 2011, which also included the first six chapters.

In 2018, Kobo also launched the “Kobe” eBook, which contained the first eight chapters of “DotCom”.

It also included a free trial.

However, it is likely that Kobo will release a new ebook soon, as it is the best-selling eBook on Kookaburra.

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