How to find free college books in the US

On Wednesday, I launched a search for free college textbooks.

In a short span of time, I found four.

Free college textbooks are free for everyone who can pay for them. 

One is a collection of history books from the 19th century.

The other four are available for free.

The books I found are: The Birth of the American Republic by George Washington (1806), The Making of a Nation by Thomas Jefferson (1819), and The Life and Death of the Great War by Henry David Thoreau (1855).

The books in this collection were published during the American Revolution.

One of the books, The American Revolution by Charles Dickens, was also available for $1.99. 

Free college books are available to everyone in the United States.

This means that anyone who can afford them can buy them.

They are also available in a wide variety of other countries.

This is why they are so popular.

The most popular free college book is the American Heritage Bible, or a complete set of English translations of the Bible.

This book, available for just $2.99, contains over 2,500 verses from the Bible, and is available for download for free at and other online bookstores.

The American Heritage book is also available on Amazon.

This makes it a popular choice among college students.

Other free college texts are: John Locke’s Political Writings by John Locke (1688) and Locke’s Works (1690) by John Adams (1679) and William Bradford (1674).

The second most popular book is The American Revolutionary by Thomas Paine (1603).

This book is free to read and has over 3,500 lines of text.

Another popular free-to-read book is “A History of the United Kingdom from Its Birth to the Present Time,” written by John Milton.

The book was published in 1690, and contains more than 300,000 words of original and revised English.

It was the subject of a PBS documentary about the British empire, The Great Game.

This novel also was the source of the popular film adaptation of the novel, King Lear.

The final popular free books in my collection are: George Washington’s Autobiography by George W. Bush (1998), The Life of Thomas Jefferson by Thomas W. Jefferson (1790), and “The Writings of Thomas Pynchon,” by Thomas H. Pynchy (1896).

My goal was to find the most popular and best-selling free college textbook, and the best-sellers that have been published for the past century.

I was very pleased to find that they all are available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Here is a table of what I found.

Free college textbooks for 2017: The American Revolution (1680) by Charles de Maistre and Thomas Jefferson The Birth Of The American Republic (1776) by George Jackson (1811) and Thomas Pylons History of England (1662) by Sir Walter Scott The American War for Independence (1775) by Benjamin Franklin The American Declaration of Independence (1689) by Thomas Clarkson The American Civil War (1763) by Alexander Hamilton The American Constitution (1789) Thomas Jefferson’s American Revolution and The American Patriot by George Mason and Alexander Hamilton History of Great Britain (1660) by Henry Knox, William Hutton, and John Randolph A Treatise of Government by George Locke (1750) The American Philosopher (1777) by Locke The American Pilgrimage to the West Indies (1769) by James Madison The American State of Virginia (1762) George Washington’s Political writings (1692) by William Hamilton and George Mason The American West (1780) Alexander Hamilton’s American Revolutionary War (1805) by Aaron Burr The American Colonies (1761) by Samuel Adams The American Federalist Papers (1784) by Jefferson and Madison The Life Of John Adams by John Quincy Adams The Life And Writings Of James Madison by James Monroe The Writings and Writings, The History of Thomas A. Garfield by James Garfield The Writments of James Madison, The WritINGS of James Monroe, and Letters of Thomas Randolph Coolidge by Thomas Randolph Lincoln, The Constitution of the State of Delaware by John Tyler The Writs of John Tyler, The Letters of James Garfield, and Writs and Letters, Letters of Abraham Lincoln, and The Writms and Writts of James Polk The Writts and Writms of George Washington, The United States Constitution, and Selected Writings (1791) by David McCullough, George Mason, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington The Writths and Writths of Benjamin Franklin, The Works of Thomas More, and An Essay on the Principles of Government The Writays of George Mason: An Historical Sketch of a Political Life by George M. McPherson The Writes of Thomas Nelson and Thomas Polk The Papers of John Jay, Thomas

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