Franklin’s eBook: An eBook Search for the Future

The future may be looking bright for book sales.

According to the ebook search company BookSpy, there’s a growing demand for books online, and book sales in the US are up 15% from the same period a year ago.

BookSpy CEO Chris Liddell said: “For the first time in almost 10 years, the number of book sales for US eBook sales has surpassed the number for physical books.”

That’s pretty significant and indicates that digital books are finally gaining momentum.

“It also points to the fact that ebooks are becoming more accessible to consumers and publishers are realizing that they can use the power of the internet to make more books available to consumers.”

In the US, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and B&N each have about 40 million ebooks sold to retailers, according to BookSpys estimates.

In China, book sales are down nearly 20% from last year, but BookSpies figures are not specific on the reasons for that decline.

Liddell pointed out that the rise in ebook sales has led to a boom in e-book publishing, where e-books are selling more quickly than print books.

The US is now one of the biggest markets for ebook publishing, he said.

“We’re seeing a tremendous amount of growth for authors and publishers in this space.

We believe that the growth in this category is not a sign of a plateau but a signal of a new phase for publishing,” he said, noting that authors are now willing to pay more for a book.”

In fact, they’re willing to charge $10 more for it than a print book, which is more than most authors can afford,” he added.

For many consumers, Amazon’s Kindle e-reader is a more reliable way to buy books, and many also prefer to read them on their tablet computers.

But the rise of e-readers and the rise and fall of Amazon Prime services means it’s difficult to predict how many people will choose to buy a physical book online.

But Liddells predictions are optimistic.

He said that e-reading has been a huge hit for Amazon and the company is working to build out an e-store for digital books.

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