More Than 1,000 books, audiobooks, magazines, music and more on sale in Amazon Prime ebook store

The Amazon Prime video streaming service is offering more than 1,200 titles, including many classics and some new releases, for just $1.99.

These include classics by James Joyce, Anne Sexton, Philip Larkin, H.G. Wells and others.

Amazon Prime subscribers get access to a vast catalog of books and audiobits including books by Stephen King, Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce and more.

It also offers audiobites from the works of H. G. Wells, Anthony Burgess, George Saunders, Charles Dickens and others, as well as books from the work of Stephen King.

The books range in price from $1 to $99.

Amazon offers an introductory discount for new Prime members, who can sign up for $30 a year, which is less than what they would pay for a subscription to the same service.

The company is also offering discounts for some Amazon Prime customers who have signed up for the service for at least 30 days, or who have paid at least $60 in Amazon purchases in the past three months.

The books include a collection of short stories from the great American novelist H.L. Mencken, as also classics by George Saunders and Anthony Burgess.

Other titles include “The Last Great War” by Joseph Conrad, “The Secret of My Life” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, “Funny Little Things” by J. D. Salinger and more, including stories by authors such as John Steinbeck, Ray Bradbury and more and more popular works, such as the Beatles’ “Let It Be.”

Amazon Prime members also get access a vast library of audiobit books.

The collection includes books by the greatest voices in literature, including George Saunders’ The Outsider, Stephen King’s The Stand, Ray E. Castellaneta’s The Dark Tower, Stephen Chbosky’s The Last Unicorn and others and more recent works such as Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and Neil Gammill’s American Gods.

Amazon Prime subscribers also get a wide selection of audio books.

This includes audiobittites by Robert Harris, J.D. Salazar, Michael Chabon, Charles Grodin, Alan Moore, Dave Eggers, Neal Stephenson and more as well.

For more than a decade, Amazon Prime members have enjoyed access to the entire library of audio-visuals and audio-video books on the streaming service, which includes more than one billion audiobitations and more than 20 million audiobook titles.

Amazon also offers a free library of books to Prime subscribers and to eligible non-Prime customers, such of movies and television shows, including a huge catalog of Disney classics such as Alice in Wonderland and Beauty and the Beast.

Prime subscribers can also subscribe to Prime Audio, a subscription service that offers a large number of audiobook titles for just a fraction of the cost of regular Amazon Prime.

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