Amazon’s ‘God’s Not Dead’ is Amazon’s bestseller, says book cover artist

In a recent article for Vice, author and cover artist Matt Bissonnette detailed his experience working on Amazon’s new book cover.

Bissonette’s story focuses on the cover for Christian Ebooks’ forthcoming title, God’s Not Alive, which has already been translated into English. 

“This is the cover that’s going to go into the bookshelves,” Bissonettes says.

“The title is a parody of the title of an interview I did with The Simpsons and a comic book called The Death of Jesus.

It was written in a way that made the title seem a little more religious.

“I’ve gotten a few emails from people who want to buy it and want to see the cover. “

I think it’s great,” he adds.

“I’ve gotten a few emails from people who want to buy it and want to see the cover.

I think people want to know what’s in it.”

Bissonettes’ cover includes a Bible verse that reads, “It is written in the book of life, and it is the power of God that makes this possible.”

In the article, Bissonettes notes that the cover design is the work of his artist, Matt Baen.

Bienet has previously collaborated with artists including Steve McQueen, David Bowie, and Peter Gabriel.

He also created covers for other popular movies like Batman Begins, Spider-Man, and the Star Wars series.

“The cover for the book was done by Matt Bienett,” Baen said in a statement to Vice.

“His art is the most beautiful and beautiful cover I’ve ever seen.

He did a great job and we are proud to be his cover artists.

He has worked on a number of books, including the Marvel comics Avengers: Ultron and Avengers: The Defenders.

Matt is a master at bringing out the best in each and every book we have created.”

Amazon is planning to release more than 1,500 copies of God’s not dead.

Bissette, whose cover is currently being used as a mockup on a new book, says the cover is being used to promote the book, so he can get more people to purchase the book.

“When we were making the cover, we had a lot of different people telling us they wanted to see a different one, but we were just waiting for the right moment to release the book,” Bissett says.

Bissonette hopes to have a new cover released in the next few months.

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