Why are ebooks getting cheaper and more accessible?

Amazon Prime members can now download ebooks for free, and it’s becoming increasingly easier for people to buy digital content from a variety of publishers.

Amazon announced the move today.

“We’re pleased to announce that the Kindle Unlimited service is now available for Prime members in all major countries.

It is available in more than 100 countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States,” Amazon said in a blog post today.

“We’ve made it easier for Prime subscribers to access their favorite digital content and have extended the Kindle experience to more countries.

We have also expanded our Kindle Unlimited offering to include a free eBook in all supported markets.

We look forward to continuing to expand our Kindle offering to new markets.”

Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program offers unlimited access to over 250,000 ebooks.

Prime members also get access to thousands of other Kindle-branded apps, including the Kindle apps, Kindle Reader, Kindle Music, Kindle Store, Kindle Cloud Reader, and Kindle TV.

Amazon Prime members who pay $99 a year or more get unlimited access, but a handful of publishers offer discounted prices.

Amazon offers a Kindle Unlimited subscription with no annual fee to customers who have paid at least $99.99 per year for the Kindle app.

The price is reduced to $99 per month if you buy a Kindle app for the iPad.

For $99, Amazon offers the Kindle Reader for iPad, Kindle Fire for iPad and Kindle Paperwhite for iPad.

For Kindle fans, the program offers the free Kindle e-reader with no ads or subscriptions, the Kindle ebook reader for Kindle Paperfire tablets, and access to all of Amazon’s digital content for free.

For more details on Amazon Prime, go to the blog post.

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