Harper government won’t release a report on Ebola virus on Tuesday, a day after its chief scientific adviser resigned after more than two years in charge of the National Institute of Health (NIA)

The federal government won�t release a final report on the Ebola virus outbreak on Tuesday as it prepares to send it to the United Nations, a source familiar with the matter told the Globe and Mail.

The NIA, which has responsibility for the National Institutes of Health, is also reviewing its own findings and plans to make the final report public on Friday, the source said.

In a statement to the newspaper, the minister of health, Rona Ambrose, said the department will review its current situation.

”We will make every effort to release the final findings as soon as possible,” Ambrose said.

The government has said the NIA will make its findings public on Wednesday.

The Globe has reported that NIA director Dr. Francis Collins resigned last week and that it was unclear when the report would be released.

The department is reviewing how to handle the Ebola outbreak, which the WHO has said could lead to an increase in deaths in the U.S. and in Canada.

A federal official has said a total of 7,700 people have died in the outbreak in West Africa and more than 2,100 have died worldwide.

It has also been revealed that some Canadians have been infected, though they have not been confirmed by the Canadian Health Minister.

The department has said it will look at ways to speed up the process to release a public report on Tuesday and will be taking a look at the best way to do so.

It is expected to release its interim report on Wednesday, which will include recommendations for how to prevent future outbreaks, as well as a final assessment of the health system.

At the same time, the department is taking a fresh look at its response to the Ebola crisis.

In a memo to the N.I.H. director on Tuesday afternoon, the health department said it would be releasing a final, comprehensive report in the coming weeks, but that it is also looking at ways the agency could speed up its response.

Earlier this week, Ambrose said she had been told by the head of the Nia that the final Ebola report will be released as early as Friday, though it has not been set.

She also said she was told by another senior NIA official that the report will not be released before the end of next month.

On Tuesday, the Nias director, Dr. Stephen Sisolak, said that if there was a deadline, it would have been early March.

‘We have done everything possible to expedite the review process’In addition, the government is looking at a number of other steps it could take to speed things up, including an extension of the temporary use of quarantine facilities for those who arrived in Canada before Feb. 1, which Ambrose has said is needed to get people back into the country as quickly as possible.

As of Monday, more than 30,000 people have been transferred to temporary facilities in the United States to help treat and manage the virus, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

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