India: ‘We have to make sure the book industry is in a good place’

By Naveen KulkarniPublished Mar 09, 2017 09:15:54India is in the midst of a book publishing crisis.

India has lost more than 80% of its book sales over the past five years.

A new report by the Book Industry Council of India (BICI) says the crisis has forced publishers to slash prices and cut staff to try to survive.

India’s book industry, which accounts for about 70% of the world’s book sales, is struggling because of low demand, low prices, poor marketing and a lack of content.

A survey by the BICI found that 80% or more of Indian book publishers do not have enough staff to fulfill their orders.

This is particularly evident in smaller, niche publishers that do not operate in the country’s largest cities and that are also struggling with high turnover.

This article is part of a series on India’s book market and is the first in a three-part series.

Read moreIndia’s government has started working on a national strategy for book publishing and distribution, but there is still a long way to go.

The book industry needs to be more flexible, responsive and adaptable to changing market conditions.

These three challenges will not be solved overnight, says a new report commissioned by the India Book Industry Commission.

India, a small country that is home to the largest book market in the world, is facing a major challenge in the book market because it has been one of the few countries in the region that has had a high growth rate of book sales.

Its growth rate has risen by 10% since 2014, the year of the book boom.

According to a BICCI report, India’s total book sales in 2016 was about $13.2 billion, with a market share of 7.3%.

That compares to China, the world leader in the market, with about $17.6 billion.

India’s share is the lowest of any country.

The report says that while the growth rate in India has been very impressive, its growth rate is lower than that of the UK, France and Germany.

This has led to a high turnover and low margins.

In 2016, the average book price was about 35,000 rupees ($4,000).

The average book size was about 8.5-10.5 pages.

This year, the book price will be closer to 12,000-14,000.

The average size of a publisher’s books is 10-15 pages, while the average size for bookshops is 5-7 pages.

In 2017, the growth in book sales was 7.8%.

The BICC said it expects this to increase to 15% this year.

But even this figure is below what the market needs to reach its target of about $4.5 billion.

The report says this is due to the low demand for books, a high cost of publishing and a weak and inconsistent marketing strategy.

The BIC Commission believes that the country needs to adopt an open and inclusive marketing strategy that will be in sync with the changing environment in the industry.

It also suggests that publishers must be able to adapt to changes in the global marketplace.

The book industry will also need to develop a strategy to provide support for its writers and publishers, which is a crucial part of this strategy.

For the first time, the Bicci also suggested that book publishing be given priority over movies, music, books, and video games, saying this could also help in increasing the number of authors.

This will require the creation of a government-led initiative that will ensure that a good proportion of the revenue from book sales goes towards the authors, not the publishers.

The authors and publishers are expected to get the lion’s share of this revenue, while distributors and retailers are expected have a share.

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