Amazon Books: What’s in your Kindle for Christmas?

Amazon’s online retailer has been struggling to keep up with its competitors, and it’s not going to let up.

Now, Amazon is launching a new “digital gift shop” with new titles that it says will “put you in the holiday spirit.”

The program, dubbed Amazon Digital Christmas, is aimed at families looking to celebrate their love of reading with the holidays.

Amazon Digital Holiday is an initiative that lets users download an ebook to their Kindle to have it sent to them with the purchase of a new Kindle Fire HDX.

The ebooks are available for purchase online and in physical bookstores, and the books will include new titles from some of Amazon’s best sellers.

Amazon says that if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, you can download the book and add it to your Kindle.

“This year, we’re bringing Amazon Digital Family with the gift of a Kindle Fire,” said Kevin McLeod, vice president of product management and business development at Amazon.

“You’ll have the opportunity to share your favorite books with family and friends with this festive gift, and to get a sneak peek at what’s coming next.”

The Kindle Fire was announced in April 2017, and was the first consumer-grade digital device to feature a touchscreen.

The company announced the Kindle Fire family of devices in June 2018, and has been releasing new versions of the devices since then.

The Fire HD series, which started shipping in December 2017, includes the Fire HD 9 and Fire HD 11, and is available for $399 and $499, respectively.

The HDX series, launched in March 2018, includes both the Fire X and Fire X+ HD.

The devices feature 4K screens, a high-resolution display, and Intel Atom processor.

Amazon also announced a new family of e-readers for $199 and $249.

The Kindle X+ is Amazon’s new tablet, with a 1.7-inch touchscreen and a 4K screen.

The device features a 1080p screen and Intel i5-8200U processor.

The tablet is available now for $149, and Amazon is also launching a $79 Kindle e-reader, which is also available for pre-order for $29.99.

Amazon has also recently rolled out a new version of its Kindle app for iOS and Android.

For the holiday season, Amazon also is offering a “digital holiday card” that is available through the app and lets you customize a book for a specific occasion.

“Customers can also get a gift that celebrates the season and gives you more personalized content in their personalized library,” McLeod said.

“The Amazon Digital holiday card offers up a book from one of our favorite authors, a gift from the company, and even a unique Amazon gift certificate.”

The company has also been testing a new way for people to use the Amazon Store, which allows people to order books from Amazon for delivery within the next 48 hours.

Customers can also order books on the Kindle Store by sending an e-mail to a customer, and they’ll receive a delivery confirmation via email.

Amazon currently sells its Kindle products through, the e-commerce site that Amazon purchased in 2017 for $775 million.

The acquisition of Amazon in January 2019 gave Amazon the ability to acquire a smaller number of competing online retailers and expand into a number of countries.

For example, Amazon now sells Kindle ebooks through Amazon’s website.

The purchase also gave Amazon access to millions of customers in China.

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