Amazon removes DRM from its ebook services

Best Buy says it will remove DRM from ebook services and the devices that use it. 

The company, which owns and operates Kindle, Nook, and iBooks, says it has been working with the US Copyright Office to make sure ebook devices are no longer affected by the software’s use of DRM. 

Amazon said in a statement on Friday that it will continue to support existing customers with existing software and software updates. 

“We’re committed to making sure we provide customers with the best online experience, and the latest software and services to help them do just that,” the statement said. 

While the announcement is a victory for ebook users everywhere, it may not be for the devices themselves. 

According to, which tracks ebook sales, the vast majority of new devices will still be supported by DRM. 

 “If you own a Kindle Fire, iPad Air, or Nook tablet, or are a Kindle owner, you should be able to use the software to read any ebook,” the site’s blog says. 

That may not matter for all of them. 

In some cases, a new firmware version will still provide the same experience as the current version. 

For example, Amazon says that if you bought the Kindle Fire HD 8, the new firmware will update to the latest version for the device. 

But if you owned a Kindle Air or a Nook 2 and have a new Kindle Paperwhite or Paperwhite Pro, the firmware update will no longer be available. 

Another option, as of now, is to install the software manually from an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account. 

To get started, go to Amazon’s AWS account settings and click manage software or manually install software. 

This will take you to the Amazon Web Apps section. 

From there, click add software.

 You can also install the latest firmware from the AWSDetect page. 

Then, click the install firmware button on the top right of the screen. 

When it asks you if you want to install this firmware, click yes.

Once it’s installed, click install. 

Once you’re done, click OK. 

As a general rule, you should not update a firmware that you installed from Amazon, but if you are upgrading from a previous firmware, be aware that there are some caveats that may apply. 

If you have a device that has the Amazon Kindle DRM installed, it’s likely you will be able install the newer firmware without needing to worry about a reboot. 

Even if you’re not using Amazon’s software, you may still be affected by this. 

On Friday, Amazon told me that it’s working with Amazon’s Copyright Office on an issue with DRM.

The company says that it was aware of the problem and was working with law enforcement to determine how to address it.

Amazon says the company will continue supporting its existing customers. 

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